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Packed Summer 2016!

Oud pic

2016 started strong, folks! 7 US runs already, 2 Canada runs, 2 international runs (Egypt, Austria). I just got back from Switzerland yesterday and starting on Thursday, I head to Asia (Philippines, Thailand, Singapore). Then Hawaii is on the books, 2 shows on the East Coast, and New Zealand by the end of August… Then at least 3 more US runs by November are already announced! I also have a few very exciting shows in LA with both old and new faces, as well as some solid studio work where I hope to put my mando, oud, bass and other ukuleles to good use.

I wanna thank Godlyke and Carr for recently sending me amazing gear, which I’m still wrapping my head (and fingers) around. Also thanking LsL for my trusty T-Bone who never lets me down, and all my other endorsers who you’ll find on my About page, whose gear makes my job that much better.

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Peace -Johann

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